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UV curing coatings

Uv curing technology started to develop  in the 80’s and nowadays it is essential in some sectors of the woodworking industry.

UV curing Technology allows fast drying times, saving time and space in the factory.

UV curing Technology has seen a remarkable development in the last years, achieving  spray application coatings with a  VOC value close to zero, varnish-like coating roller spray, conveyor curing speeds in some systems more than 100 meter / minute and excellent quality pigmented finishes.

Our company, is a consummate expert in this field and regular supplier of most major manufacturers of  wood frames in Spain, where we have a technology specifically tailored to this particular sector.

Our range of wood finishes including UV among others, the following families;

Alcrifond® UV Series UF – Roller application coatings (primers), polyester, hybrid or Acrylate based.

Alcrifond® UV Series UF-A – Pigmented UV curing coatings for roller application

Alcrifond® UV PSeries UJ – Spray application UV coatings, clear and opaque.

Alater® UV LR – Roller application top-coatings, clear and opaque systems.

Alater® UV – Spray application top-coatings, clear pigmented and dual curing pigmented systems.  

Our technicians  have an extensive experience in this field and we are open to consider any new process. If you want to know our products and advice, please contact us.

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