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GlazesALCOLOR® Glas Hidro



Tradirionally used in Rustic effects, are also used in classic style furniture, such as Louis Philippe, Victorian, etc.

Main use for a Glaze:

  • Deep effect, highlight a corner
  • Imitation of wood texture
  • Color (stain) difumination
  • Correction of staining deffct (over-sanding)
  • Equalize colors.

Traditionally these products have been formulated with an oil base. In Alavesa de Barnices, s.a. we have developed a full range of glazes in water base, with a similar behaivour to these oil based, with the following adventages:

  • Excelent realtion flow time / overcoating time
  • Zero Solven Emission
  • They do not contain meal secatives, no risk of self-ignition
  • Easy cleaning (water)
  • Good top-coating adhesion

 Alcolor® Glas Hidro ref. GA-501 a GA-713

Some examples:

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